Louisiana Public Meeting law using Zoom Platform

Following the processes below will allow each group governed under public meetings laws to circumvent any oversight and controls the state has imposed.

Public Meeting law has no solid violation reporting mechanism that can't be navigated to support closed meetings.

Best practices:

  • Divide your group into smaller groups in which the total numbers of each of the smaller groups is less than a quorum of the total groups numbers.
  • Use Email, Text and Cellular phones to communicate with individual members and groups.
  • Create ZOOM meeting rooms restricting the total number to below a quorum of the main group.
  • Send Text and Emails to each member with scheduled zoom calls. Make the zoom calls on different days but within the same week and at least 5 business days before any public meeting.
  • For members that are not able to attend the scheduled zoom meetings be sure to share the link to download the password protected video archive of the meeting. Make sure you do not save the video to your state servers or your local computer which would allow public access to the document. Do not provide a mechanism to request a copy of any side meeting using FOIA.
  • When votes are required for public meetings use the smaller gatherings to assign group members with documents on how to vote in the public forum.
  • Create a short Question and Answer script to provide basic debate of the agenda vote. Never simply vote without some type of public discussion.
  • Allow public comment but follow the executive order which the governors office has provided. You are required to allow public communications but you are not required to discuss, debate, interact with the persons or groups making the public comments. Simply acknowledge their public comment before you vote the way you have scripted days before. At no time will public comments during a live forum be used to question the voting which has been predetermined.